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The project focuses on the inclusion of hearing impaired children (age 6-12). We address teachers, who work on mainstream basic schools and who have a HI child in their class. Our target is to create matherials easy applicable in lessons that would help teachers to better understand and adequately respond to the needs of HI pupil. We also support the transfer of good practice expamples between teachers involved in the project and other interested teachers. After a year with the project we can say, that the inclusion of a HI pupil would not be a problem if the teacher uses several communication rules and also works with the class to support cooperation, respect and tolerance. Apart from the methods, that you can find in the section "Education", our second target is to raise public awareness about hearing, sound and hearing impairment. That is why we have prepared an Exhibition, that is going to open on the International Day of the Deaf, in September 2018. You can find more information about that in the section "Exhibition". Last, but not least part of the project is a Club called "Zážitek". The Club is opened for both hearing or hearing impaired children and is focused on developping the social-emotional skills of those by the methods of drama education. You can find more information in the section "Club". Note: These web pages are under construction.


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