The objective of the “Experience” club is to cultivate humanism, attitude to solving problems, empathy, tolerance, ability to ask for advice, etc. in children through play. Children can immerse in stories, put themselves in roles and solve arising problems in a safe circle of friends. Simultaneously, they have the possibility to see the situation through various actors' eyes — how would the grandmother solve such a problem? And what about dad? And why, what makes them sort it out like this? The second, no less important objective of the club is to offer both hearing children and children with hearing impairment an opportunity to meet, understand and find a way to each other. The club is part of the project “By experience to understanding” and is free. It is open to first-stage children (years 1 to 5 of basic school) and it takes place once a week in the foundation Nadační fond Dar sluchu office (Újezd 26, Prague 1).

Because we believe it is important to continually develop children's social skills.
Because nowadays, it is important to learn and develop the skill to deal with difficult situations children come across on daily basis.
Because children should understand their feelings and be able to cope with them.

Through experience children already have and through acquiring further experience.
Through experience gained in a role of somebody else and by getting to know the world of other people.

Through play, which is a natural activity for children.
Through cooperation, mutual communication, empathy and tolerance.


What topic are we going to cover?


The “Experience” club takes place each semester, i.e. from October to January and then from February to May. The content of its programme is pre-prepared, but it always depends on the group of children that meet in the club. The content of each meeting is personalized to suit the children's needs. We choose topics to support them and ways of performance which suit them. So it is possible to register a child in two following courses — it is probable that each course might be slightly different.

If you would like to register your child for the next semester, i.e. from February to May 2019 (změněno na aktuální datum - pozn. překl.), please send us the filled-in form (scanned, via e-mail). You can download the form by clicking this link, then send it to:

Entrance conditions:

- we accept both hearing and deaf children

- children attending year 1-5 of basic school

10. 11. 2018
10. 11. 2018
10. 11. 2018