If you are a teacher, this page is dedicated to you. You can find the project outputs here: methodologies and lesson plans in PDF as well as apposite information in the form of short videos. We hope you will find working with our materials easy and helpful.


When creating the methodologies, we stuck to the following basic assumptions:

1) In a class of most first-stage teachers in classical basic schools there may be enrolled not only pupils with hearing impairment (hereafter HI), but also pupils with various dys- and other disorders.
Our materials are therefore suitable for all the pupils in the class; however, we emphasize communication rules and good integration of a HI pupil.

2) The teacher has only limited amount of time. They need the information fast, briefly and concisely.
Basic communication rules are explained in the document ikonky.pdf. Methods available by clicking the link below are processed in the form of ready-made lesson plans, which can be used in the lesson.

3) Good marks are not the only scale for measuring successful inclusion of a HI pupil; being involved in the collective is also an important benchmark.
The leitmotif of our methods is particularly the development of understanding and cooperation among pupils. The methods frequently include work in groups, sharing of findings, respect for different opinions, etc.

Methods Plan of lessons