During the conception of the exhibition, we asked ourselves a fundamental question: How to address basic school pupils? What way to use to make the information reach its target and remain there for some time? Experience! Only personal experience has such a potential. Can you experience hearing loss? Yes, you can, but then it is rather late for prevention. The goal of our exhibition is to make the children experience hearing loss realistically, yet safely. To tell them that hearing is a gift which needs to be protected. And if something is wrong with it, there are ways to partially restore it. How to communicate with a person with hearing impairment? Is it appropriate to shout at them? No, it isn’t. But what are the other ways? Come and find out more about this world. Come and you will have the possibility to walk through an ear like the legendary series Hamster in a nightshirt.

The exhibition has been primarily created for first-stage basic school pupils, but all age categories will find something interesting for them as well. There is also an accompanying programme for school excursions. Moreover, we are preparing lesson plans that can be used before or right after visiting the exhibition in order to make the excursion fit in a wider frame of activities.

The exhibition concept has three sections:

This section aims at letting the visitors know how their hearing works. This knowledge is conveyed through an above life-size model of the ear, where visitors can walk through and get to know in detail the arrangement of their hearing organ. Furthermore, three stations behind the model are also dedicated to hearing. For example, you can see and try some hearing aids or try how it is to hear like people with hearing impairment. 


Two stations and two interactive activities are dedicated to information regarding sound — particularly the station “When the sound creates shapes” and the perception of vibrations with your entire body.



In this section, the visitors familiarize themselves with hearing impaired people communication. Thanks to a deaf tutor, the visitors will acquire basic knowledge and signs of the sign language.

Exhibition where and when

The exhibition is held under the auspices of the project partner, the foundation Nadační fond Dar sluchu (The Gift of Hearing Foundation).                                                         

If you would like to visit the exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact us: jvcelakova@isheureka.cz

7.1.2020 from 5 pm